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Cigar Boxes are more than simple containers for tobacco goods.

Many were designed and produced as works of art.   

Here are some examples:

Many Cigar Boxes celebrated the American Indian. 

Many cigar boxes have been converted to works of art.

Art used by permission of Christine Cox of The Muse


Candace  Janine Anderson "Collage"
Kelly Kilmer  Juliann Wasisco AKA "Valobra"

Here are some resources for Cigar Box art.

Cigar Label Junkie  Over 5,000 examples of cigar label art.
In Stone Inc.  Rare Cigar Label Art Dealer.
The Muse   An Art 'zine.
The 9 pound Hammer    Bob Rini's personal web site.
Unusual Museums of the Internet  A really good collection of vintage cigar box art.

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